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Transparency Reports

In an effort to increase transparency, each term a transparency report is released. These reports cover what the SRC Exec has done, collectively and as individuals, throughout the term listed, on each document, in order to improve the student experience at the college of St Hild and St Bede.

Easter Term 2022

Epiphany Term 2022

Michaelmas Term 2021 Report

Easter Term 2021

Epiphany Term 2021 Report

Michaelmas Term 2020 Report

Easter Term 2020

Epiphany Term 2020 Report

Michaelmas Term 2019 Report

Easter Term 2019 

Governance Documentation

The SRC is governed by its constitution and standing orders (as upheld by the SRC Chairperson and Steering Committee).

SRC Constitution and Standing Orders

SRC Sustainability Policy

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