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Frequently asked questions to help you get your head around Hild Bede and what goes on here. If you have any other questions do feel free to contact the SRC President at

Is Hild Bede "far away"?

Hild Bede is actually closer to town than any of the hill colleges (less that 10 minutes). We are also the closest college to the University Sports Centre, Maiden Castle. The furthest you will likely go is the science site, but even that isn't far; most locations in Durham are within a 20 minute walk away so nothing is far!

What is the accommodation like?

All Hild Bede rooms are currently single rooms with shared bathroom facilities (there tends to be one shower and 2 toilets between 4-8 people). The rooms vary in size but all contain a mirror, pinboard, desk and storage space. Almost every room has a sink in it.

The rooms are allocated completely randomly!

Are there kitchen facilities?

It is a fully catered college which means that, during term time, there are options of 3 hot meals a day on weekdays, and brunch and high tea (2 hot meals) on weekends.
There are pantries throughout college although these may be relatively small and simple, containing only the essentials such as fridges, kettles, toasters, and microwaves. There are some slightly larger kitchens in parts of Hild (main building).

What happens if you're not available to go to college at lunchtime?

If you are busy around lunchtime (with lectures or sport for example), you can collect a packed lunch at breakfast that you may take away with you.

How is Hild Bede different to other colleges?

We are the ONLY river college. We sit on 16 acres of beautiful grounds. We're currently one of the only colleges which still get a big main act for our summer ball: in recent years we have had Tom Grennan, Pixie Lott, Reggie Yates and Scouting for Girls.
Our College Staff are INCREDIBLE (not that other colleges don't have great staff but these people are wonderful and work so hard for students) have a look at our Principal's instagram for proof @simonforrest_hb_principal.

Is there a gym at Hild Bede?

There is! Membership is £45 per year for SRC members or £90 for non SRC members. We currently also have a Women's Hour on a Wednesday evening.
There's also the University Fitness Centre Gym a 15 minute walk away which offers a wider range of equipment at a higher price (about £120 per year) alongside a couple of other gyms in and around Durham City Centre.

What Clubs and Societies does Hild Bede have and where can I find a list of University wide sports teams and societies?

Info about our Clubs and Societies can be found by clicking on the tab marked "Sports and Societies" at the top of the webpage. Details about SU Societies can be found on the Durham SU website and details of University Sports teams can be found at

What level are the college sports and societies?

We have a huge range of Sports and Societies, the great thing about college level sports is that you can get involved no matter what level you are, many Durham University athletes also play multiple sports at a collegiate level but you're always welcome to join, even if you've not played before. The fact that we currently have 8 men's football teams is something of an indicator that you can get involved no matter what level you play at.
If you want to see the specifics of how a certain sport has done in the college leagues you can check out the results here

Can I play more than one sport?

Absolutely! You can join as many of our Clubs and Societies as you wish. There tends to be training during the week and matches at the weekends, so it may be worth checking when these usually happen at the Freshers' Fair (during Freshers' Week) before signing up.

Are there any music practice rooms?

We currently have one music practice room, which can be booked via the SRC President or via the tab marked "More> Room Bookings". 
There are also pianos around college including one in the JCR (Junior Common Room), one in the Alan Pearson Room, one in the Vern (our College Bar) and one on both the Chapel and the SCR (Senior Common Room). For use of the piano in the Chapel you need special permission from Tim our Chaplain, and for use of the Piano in the SCR you need special permission from Simon our Principal.

What is the nightlife like in Durham?

There are a range of night clubs in Durham if that's your kind of thing. Durham is also home to Klute crowned "the worst nightclub in Europe (by default after the worst burnt down)". If you're craving more we are only a stones throw away from Newcastle which has thriving nightlife, including lots of big clubs.

Can people who don't go to Durham/are from other colleges come to our formals and balls?

Yep, priority for these events will go to SRC members first but anyone is welcome at our events. As the SRC levy subsidises events such as the ball there is a reduced ticket price for SRC members.
For formals the price will be cheaper for those who live in college than the price for livers out.

What are College Parents and how are they assigned?

College parents are a tradition within College. In first year, students 'college propose' to each other, they then 'get married' and 'adopt' first years when they become second years. There is a dedicated "adopt-a-fresher" night after Induction Week where everyone meets their college family. 
College parents act as student mentors for during your first year, often hosting social events or just hanging out.
There will be a form sent out that incoming freshers should fill out and a separate form that those becoming college parents will fill out. This information is then used to allocate college children to their parents, according to shared interests such as subject, sports and music.

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