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Welfare at Hild Bede

College Student Support

Laura Todd, our Vice Principal, and Elaine Franklin, our Student Support Officer are available to offer advice, support and signposting on issues relating to both academic and pastoral matters. Their offices are located either side of the Student Support Office. To schedule an appointment, please email Student Support, or just drop by the Student Support Office and speak to one of our lovely Student Support Secretaries, Joanne Thirlaway and Ashleigh Snaith.


Joanne is the first port of call for all matters relating to your student life (such as course registration, exam concessions, student loans, reporting illness, and obtaining hardship forms). Simon Forrest, our Principal, is similarly more than happy to answer any queries or concerns you might have.

Student Welfare Team

Hild Bede's SRC provides a non-judgemental listening and signposting service. The SRC Welfare Officers, Jared Firth and Martha Kean, are students themselves. They are here to provide peer support for you and a link to other forms of help within the College and University. They can also provide free condoms, dental dams, lube, and pregnancy tests. These can either be collected from drop in sessions or ordered via email (or by the online order form) and collected from a pigeon hole in college. You can contact the Welfare Team directly via the welfare facebook page as well as via their email Jackson, our SRC President, is also an obvious point of contact for issues relating to student wellbeing. 



You will be assigned a College mentor who will be available should you need any help or advice. Each mentor is given a small amount of money by the college to spend on you. The way in which mentors perform their social obligations varies immensely, some will invite you over for dinner, some will take you out, and others may buy you drinks at the bar.

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