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SRC Executive Committee

The Student Representative Council Executive Committee (aka the SRC Exec) are a group of elected students who represent you, the SRC, in matters across college life.

Running the exec is a Hild Bede Graduate who is elected to work for the SRC on behalf of the student body as the Sabbatical President. The other 14 members of the executive committee are current students who work in different capacities alongside the President. The roles of the SRC executive committee  are a lot of fun and a great chance to try your hand at organising and managing events and people. If you wish to find out more about any of the positions feel free to reach out to those who are currently in them!

SRC President

Annabel Hay

Hiya, I'm Annabel! I'm the 2023-24 SRC President, having just graduated in History and Spanish. Over the last four years I've spent more time getting stuck into college life than my degree - I served as the SRC Social Sec, played on our tennis, squash, and football teams, and was involved with Hild Bede's Christian Union. I also did my part to support our beloved college bar the Vernon Arms, usually as the first to arrive and last to leave.



Vice President

Georgia Organ

Hey - I am your Vice President! I am involved with the logistics of college and spend a lot of time organising formals which I hope you look forwards to enjoying :) I hope to be a friendly face so feel free to come to me if you need anything.


Postgraduate President

Charlotte Hunter

I'm currently a PhD student in Chemistry and also did my undergrad here at HB! I spend a lot of time in the bar either quizzing or working, so you'll probably see me there!


International Officer

Sreejoni Roy

Hey I'm Sree! I am a keen believer that home sickness is real, but as the International Officer I would want to sit together and be home sick with everyone who has come so far from their family. I am a part of the Crochet Soc, Business Soc, Indian Soc and am the Secretary of Bangla Soc. You can buy me a caramel frappe and I'll walk around the whole of Durham with you. Fun fact: I know the lyrics to 90% of any Bollywood songs you come across.



Jack Dougill

Hi I'm Jack, a third year maths student from Leeds! I have the exciting role of running termly SRC meetings, chairing the (new and improved!) governance committee and most importantly upholding the college constitution (told you it was exciting). When I'm not staring into the 20,000 word document on the runnings of the SRC or studying the wonders of group homomorphisms I enjoy further pain by supporting Leeds United and still trying to convince myself that I don't care about relegation



Fabienne Druitt

Hi, I'm a 4th year natural scientist and this year I'm also the SRC treasurer. So, I'll be handling the money you'll pay to any clubs/socs and the budgets for all college events. Some of my favourite activities are baking, cross-stitching, and having brunch with friends. On that note: hash browns are the best college potatoes, and Leonard's is the best cafe in Durham!


Senior Welfare Officer 

Kenzie Fawcett

Hiya! I’ll be your senior welfare officer for the next year!! Please feel free to come to me about anything on your mind, no problem is too big or too small. Please also feel free to ask me any questions about HB welfare, theatre, English lit, and the historical significance of our mascot Bedo bear - I'm always here for a chat if you need :))


Social Secretary

Phoebe Micklefield 

Hi! I’ll be Social Secretary this year and am looking forwards to a year of fun events and weekly quizzes. In my free time I like to game, crochet and wander around the many pretty walks in Durham. If you’re looking to get involved in ents committee or just to know a little more about college, feel free to stop me for a chat anytime!


Sports and Societies Officer

Flora Nicholls

Hey Hild Bede, I'm a fourth year natural sciences student and your sports and societies officer for this year! I am the main point of contact for all things sports or socs, from football to choir to film soc. I'm passionate about the value of college sports and societies, and looking forward to seeing lots of you getting involved with the wide range of sports and socs that Hild Bede has to offer at freshers' fair!


Ball Officer

Teresa Hamill-McGuigan

Hi! I'm a third year Chemistry student and the Ball Officer this year. I help ball committee with organising the college balls! Please feel free to ask me any and all questions you may have about the balls and being on ball committee (there are no silly ones). Also feel free to ask me about my degree and the bands/orchestras at the uni :)


Communities and Liberations Officer

Jen Aitchison

Hi, my name is Jen and I’m really excited to be your Liberations and Communities Officer for this year!! I’m in my final year here studying English Literature - so I’m always happy to discuss books. Through my role, I will ensure that College is a safe space for students of all backgrounds and abilities - I’m always happy to chat if there’s something you feel isn’t going right during your time here. When I’m not preoccupied with my degree and college stuff, you will either find me in the gym or catching up with friends in one of Durham’s many cafés (Flat White’s white chocolate and cranberry tiffin is THE BEST)


Publicity Officer

Francesca Horgan

I’m a third year history student and your SRC Publicity Officer. My job mostly involves running the SRC social media channels, putting out information about college events. I am also responsible for organising photography for these events. Other than my exec role, I’m also involved with theatre, music, rowing and dance!


Technical Officer

Toby Tatsuya Watkinson

I'm a 3rd year Computer Science student involved in Hild Bede Badminton, and the SRC. As Tech Officer on the SRC exec, I organise, setup and operate all of the college's tech for events ranging from weekly pub quizzes, to College Day. 15% of the time you will find me in the TLC studying my actual degree. 50% of the time you will find me in Bede Gym, training, playing or coaching badminton. 35% of the time you will find me in the Vern, Verning.


Environment Officer

Tomas Main

Hi! My name is Tomas, I’m a fourth year Renewable Energies engineer, and I am your environment officer. A bit about me: I grew up in Cyprus and have also lived in Germany, so I speak Turkish and some German. I love walking, reading, and travelling. I am also (as you might have guessed from my role) very passionate about the environment and sustainability, so if you ever want to chat about that topic, or have any suggestions about how we can make our college greener, come seek me out!

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