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SRC Executive Committee

The Student Representative Council Executive Committee (aka the SRC Exec) are a group of elected students who represent you, the SRC, in matters across college life.

Running the exec is a Hild Bede Graduate who is elected to work for the SRC on behalf of the student body as the Sabbatical President. The other 15 members of the executive committee are current students who work in different capacities alongside the President. The roles of the SRC executive committee  are a lot of fun and a great chance to try your hand at organising and managing events and people. If you wish to find out more about any of the positions feel free to reach out to those who are currently in them!

SRC President-elect

Ciaran Duggan

Hi Hild Bede, I'm Ciaran, and I am soon going to be your SRC president! I'm in charge of making sure the exec and SRC duties run smoothly as well as co-ordinating responses among other college JCRs.

Postgraduate President

Brandon Holmes

Hi everyone, I'm Brandon, and as Postgraduate President I represent Masters and pHD students at Hild Bede and help postgraduates get involved with college!

Georgia Updated.JPG

Vice President

Georgia Allison

Hi all, I'm Georgia, and as Vice President I deputise the president in their duties, and organise formals and College Day!


Lauren Cockerill

Hi everyone, I'm Lauren, and my role is to handle the SRC finances including making and receiving payments, keeping track of how much money the SRC is using (for example, for college balls) so that we stick to budget, and providing info to clubs and societies about their finances!

Welfare Officer - Non-Female Identifying

Calvin Su

Hi, I'm Calvin, and while working alongside Laila my job is to provide peer-led support and signpost the welfare support available in college and at Durham. The welfare team can be reached at

Laila Updated.JPG

Welfare Officer - Non-Male Identifying

Laila Hatcher

Hi, I'm Laila, and myself and Calvin are here to support students through their time at college, running welfare events and drop-ins throughout the year.

Angus Updated


Angus Webb Hammond

Hi everyone, I'm Angus, and as Chairperson I chair SRC meetings while having a neutral view on all matters, and to uphold the Standing Orders for complete fairness. I also chair the Grants and Steering Committees.

Annabel Updated.PNG

Social Secretary

Annabel Hay

Hey, I'm Annabel, and my role as Social Secretary means I run the regular events in our college bar, from weekly quizzes to karaoke nights!

Sports and Societies Officer

Georgia Organ

Hi everyone! As Sports and Societies Officer I help organise society-related college events as well as all bookings for rooms on our college site.

Ball Officer

Fabienne Druitt

Hi everyone, as Ball Officer I will manage the ball committee and plan the college balls throughout the year.

Salome Updated

Communities and Liberations Officer

Salome Johnson

Hi, I'm Salome, the Communities & Liberations Officer! I'm in charge of representing the interests of our minority students and working with our local community.


Publicity Officer

Luke Nash

Hey everyone, I'm Luke, and as your Publicity Officer, I'm in charge of running the Hild Bede SRC social media pages, as well as photography at some college events, and of course Bedo, the beloved college mascot.

Technical Officer

Toby Tatsuya Watkinson

Hiya, I'm Toby, and as Technical Officer, I'm responsible for the tech used at events, as well as looking after all the college's tech equipment.

Environment Officer

Cosmo Van Steenis

Hi Hild Bede, I'm Cosmo, and my job is to help make Hild Bede even greener!


International Officer

Abril Vilajoana Feixas

Hey everybody, I'm Abril, my role as International Officer is to represent international students by hosting events, offering support and organising early arrivals week.

Toby S FB.jpeg

Senior Student's Union Representative

Toby Saunders

Hi everyone, I'm Toby, and in my role I attend Student Union meetings to share information with Hild Bede, and hold the SU officers to account.

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