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The Collegiate System

Durham University comprises a unique collegiate system, in that colleges are not academic institutions as such; all tuition takes place in department. Colleges act as more of a social and community hub.

There are 17 distinct colleges in the University, all of which vary in terms of character, people and facilities. Being in a college is about being a part of a community with a common identity - at Hild Bede, our long history, traditions and close ties with alumni play a large role in this identity. 

Each college has its own staff (pastoral, financial and operations), JCR Executive committee (or in our case, SRC Executive committee) sports, societies and committees. This system allows you to meet like-minded people and helps to provide a university experience that is unique to you. 

Most students live in college in their first year. They have the opportunity to do so in later years as well, however it is common for students to 'live out' in their second/third/fourth year i.e. rent a property privately with friends. Those who 'live out' often continue to get involved in college life. We also have a large and active alumni community. 

Once you have joined the Hild Bede SRC family, it will be part of you for life!

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