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SRC Committees

Most committees recruit committee members at the beginning of the academic year. 

Run by the SRC Chairperson

Steering Committee

Members of Steering Committee work alongside the Chairperson to uphold the Standing Orders of the SRC, and to ensure that any changes to these standing orders are implemented through the proper democratic process. This includes taking minutes at SRC and Exec meetings (where proposed policies are voted upon), assisting in running the annual SRC elections, and classifying proposed changes to the standing orders. The committee meets a few times per term, primarily before each SRC meeting to discuss the SRC meeting’s agenda points.

Run by the SRC Ball Officer

Ball Committee

Ball Committee is responsible for organising and hosting the Winter and Summer balls for Hild Bede. Hild Bede Balls are renowned for their extravagance and diversity, with past themes stretching from “The Yule Ball” to “Las Vegas”. Ball committee is run by the Ball Officer and is divided into sub committees which include décor, food and drink, entertainment, acts, and advertising. Each sub-committee has a head and a team of about four people.

Run by the SRC Social Secretary

Entertainments (Ents) Committee

Ents Committee is a team dedicated to assisting with the organisation of a regular roster of events during term time. Writing quiz rounds and assisting with event set up are common roles within the committee, as well as the contribution of ideas, ensuring events remain varied and interesting. Regular meetings occur with the purpose of timetabling and planning upcoming events.

Run by the SRC Male and Female Welfare Officers

Welfare Committee

Welfare Committee is central to ensuring the happiness and well-being of every Hild Bede student is being looked after at all times. Fundamentally, this is a student-led listening service providing one-on-one drop-ins every week; these are confidential and can be used as an open discussion for any issues or topics that students may want to get off their chest. 

In addition, the Welfare Committee disseminates online welfare content through social media, such as Instagram, Facebook and Spotify.

Run by the SRC Environment Officer

Environment Committee

Durham University is increasingly becoming more sustainable, and, as one of the largest colleges, Hild Bede is vitally important in maintaining this momentum. In light of COVID-19, this year’s Environment Committee will be less focused on reforming logistical operations and more focused on environmental communication and awareness. The committee is comprised of passionate individuals able to cogently disseminate environmental news and analysis to members of college. The first step in responding to the climate crisis, is how to translate data into actionable every steps. We are excited to see what this years Environment Committee achieves!

Run by the SRC Communities and Liberations Officer

Liberations Committee

Liberations Committee aims to act as a space of support and empowerment of minorities in Hild Bede, making an active effort to eradicate instances of discrimination in Durham. Liberations Committee is working to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally in college. Efforts are being made to achieve this by providing educational resources on social media, and by hosting events to create awareness and celebrate diversity in our community. Liberations Committee so far consists of POC reps, LGBTQ+ reps, Disabilities reps and Social Equality reps. These roles are split to ensure all areas receive the fullest attention possible.

Run by the SRC Communities and Liberations Officer

Communities Committee

Communities Committee focuses on the management and advertisement of volunteering and fundraising efforts in college. Volunteering, while at university, is an extremely rewarding way of giving back to the local community. We aim to work within college and with the wider university to grow these opportunities. Additionally, we organise fundraisers throughout the university year for relevant charities. We also represent livers out, making sure students who have moved out of college are represented and remain aware and involved of college activities.

Run by the SRC International Officer

International Committee

The International Committee is (rightly) after the Liberations' Committee one of the most diverse committees in Hild Bede. We aim to represent all of our overseas students and provide any advice you need to make your transition to the UK as easy and enjoyable as possible. We organise and run International Freshers' Week as well as several events throughout the academic year, which aim to highlight the amazing multiculturalism of Hild Bede!

Run by the SRC Sports and Societies Officer

Sports and Societies Committee

We are a diverse team that together oversees the running of all the big events surrounding college sport. We collectively make decisions on events like Cuth’s varsity, the sports and soc’s formal, festival of sport and the freshers fair; but fear not it’s not all planning! We also vote on who receives the Sports and Society awards and maintain the general day to day running of all the sports and societies Hild Bede offers.

Run by the Postgraduate President

Postgraduate Committee

Postgraduate Committee assist the Postgraduate President in the organisation of Postgraduate-specific social events, academic symposiums. It is also a platform off which postgraduates may make suggestions/express their concerns which can then be taken to SRC, College and University meetings.

Run by the Chairperson and Treasurer

Grants Committee

Grants Committee, made up of certain Exec Members and current or former Captains and Presidents of SRC societies, subject to an application process, is how the SRC provides one-time grants for groups who want to improve their existing experience to cover unexpected costs that they would otherwise struggle to cover - members of societies make a grant application for a sum of money with a specific purpose in mind, and the committee decides how  to allocate the money most fairly! 

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