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Setting Up a Society

We have loads of amazing Sports and Societies at Hild Bede, but if there's something you think we're missing you can always start your own!

Any member of the SRC is entitled to start a club or society affiliated to the SRC, meaning that it will be able to use the college name, and apply for funding from the SRC. To do this, the SRC member must submit a proposal of no more than 100 words, signed by 15 full members of the SRC, to the SRC Chair, stating the purpose of the club or society and its aims and objectives.  The club or society shall then be subject to ratification at the next SRC Meeting, requiring only a simple majority.

There are several requirements for clubs and societies:

All SRC clubs and societies must be accessible to all members of the SRC,

regardless of ability.

They must be bound by a constitution of their own making (containing details of the purpose of the society, details of their subscription fees and any other sources of income). 

Societies must have a clear and defined purpose.

Societies must have 3 Exec members including a President and a Treasurer.

To set up a club/society, simply send a copy of the soceities constitution (a template document for which can be downloaded below), alongside a statement of the purpose of the society (of no more than 100 words) signed by 15 SRC members to the SRC Chairperson. There will then be a vote of ratification (to approve the formation) at a future SRC meeting.

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