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What is the SRC?

Hild Bede's student body, unlike most Durham Colleges, is not made up of a separate Junior Common Room (JCR) for undergraduate students and Middle Common Room (MCR) for postgraduates, rather, at Hild Bede we have one Student Representative Council (SRC). 

Every student who pays their levy is a member of the SRC and is invited to attend the bi-termly meetings. The SRC exists to enrich your student experience beyond academics, accommodation and food. It is a democratic student body and is your vehicle for representation of your views to the wider University. We are run by students for the benefit of students. There are a huge variety of ways to get involved. 

Simply put, we are an organisation that encompasses all of the non-academic aspects of university life. We organise various social events for Hild Bede students as well as coordinating college sports and societies. Led by students, our mission is to make sure that your university life does not just consist of studying for a degree!

In the words of Bill Bryson: "Don't let your degree get in the way of your education". We live by these words.

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