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Mixed Netball

As a new sport at HB for 2023, Hild Bede Mixed Netball is a very friendly non-trialed club open to anyone wanting to play netball. Dubbed the *better version of basketball* , there is never a better time to start playing. Training at the Hild Bede courts is an informal opportunity to do some exercise, improve or gain some netball skills, and meet other members. With a number of colleges having their own Mixed Netball teams/clubs and it being a growing sport in Durham (note the Festival of Sport Mixed Netball tournament), Hild Bede needs to put itself on the map! Despite not being in a formal league (yet), matches with other colleges’ Mixed Netball teams are being planned, along with summer term tournaments and charity matches. Some great socials are in the works too…

IG: @hildbedemixednetball

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Mixed Netball
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