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If, in your role as a Club or Team Captain/President, you have paid for matches or club expenses directly with knowledge of your club, you will be eligible for reimbursements. In order to claim these reimbursements please email Robbie Keywood (the SRC Treasurer) from your University account with details of what you have paid for with receipts and proof of matches if applicable alongside your payment details. Please also send proof that you are the Captain/President of the society. 

In your email, please CC in your club treasurer and the SRC President ( If you are a team captain rather than club captain please CC in your club captain as well. This is to ensure captains and treasurers have a full understanding of what their financial standings are.

Reimbursements will vary in time due to the software we are required to use in line with being part of the DSO Framework. All of our payments are at least dual authorised, and larger payments may require a third signatory so may take longer to process. Once a payment is processed it will take up to 5 days to arrive in your account. We apologise for delays in processing payments and understand the difficulties which come with slow payments. Please speak directly with the SRC President and Treasurer if you are having problems and please be patient.

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