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Women's Netball

Hild Bede Netball is one of the largest sport societies at our college. We have 3 teams that perform very well, with each playing weekly in a college level league. Our A team have even managed to come first in the college cup twice in the last 3 years. Since we have 3 teams, we welcome all levels of experience ranging from very experienced to those who haven’t played since year 3 or even at all! There is one training session during the week, with a match at the weekend. The club is therefore a great way to keep fit, whilst also meeting lots of new people. Our legendary socials will be scheduled regularly throughout the year, including the classic ‘tied social’ with the new HB mixed netball club and other HB sports clubs. We can’t wait for another great year, and look forward to meeting you all at the fresher’s fair!

IG: @hbnetball

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Women's Netball
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