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College Sports are activities which run as part of the Team Durham College League. Our teams compete against teams, of a similar standard, from other colleges within the several leagues that exist for each sport. Match results contribute to the College Points Table. Hild Bede is the only college aside from Collingwood, to have won the College League in the last decade.

A full list of the Sports we offer can be found below.

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Men's Hockey

Hild Bede Men's Hockey Club compete in two different leagues: the college premier and the North East premier league (against teams such as Durham city 1s, Durham Uni 4s and Newcastle Uni 2s). Our team won the college prem last year and beat Durham University 4s twice (including a 4-0 win!) so are particularly keen for fresher's considering playing for the 5s to join us instead since we're a far better team! They were also awarded Hild Bede's Club of the Year 2017/18. We train once a week and have a minimum of two games every weekend, often more. We'll look into sorting a training session in fresher's week for freshers to come to. We also have plenty of socials over the year including a few with the women's team. 
Social Media: follow @hildbedehockey on Instagram!

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Women's Hockey

Hild Bede Women’s Hockey Club compete in the league between the different colleges. We are a super friendly team who train once a week for an hour at Maiden Castle, and play matches on the weekends. We’ve had one team this year, however if our numbers increase there’s a possibility to have two teams. 
Anyone’s welcome, we’ve had people who’ve played all throughout school and those who’ve never picked up a stick before! HBWHC have a range of socials throughout the year, including tied socials with other clubs, and our annual Christmas Dinner with the Men’s team. The friendly atmosphere of our club is a great way to branch out and meet new people, whilst (sort of) maintaining fitness! Some of the highlights of the year are the opportunities to play mixed hockey with the Hild Bede Men’s team in the summer, competing with them in 7-a-side tournaments. These days provide a lot of banter, plenty of drinks and relaxing in the sun on the sidelines. Last year we were undefeated to the final, so there’s a lot to live up to this year! With the possibility of a tied (international) tour in the summer, HBWHC is the club you don’t want to miss out on! Looking forward to seeing you at the freshers fair!

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Men's Football

Hild Bede AFC have 8 teams ranging from quality, competitive football to more casual games played by people who often have little football experience. We carry out weekly training sessions and typically have matches around once a week. Trials will be the first weekend of term where the team captains decide where the freshers should be placed although this can remain subject to change. Each individual team will likely organise several socials throughout the year with some massive full club socials too. We also do a yearly football tour open to all members.


Women's Football

HBWAFC (more commonly known as The Mooses) are a welcoming, competitive, friendly team ranging from experienced players to people with no football experience at all. We love and encourage beginners! Don't be shy - come along and give it a try! Last year we even made it to the floodlit final, so this year we are hoping to go all the way and win! It's a great way to make friends, keep fit and participate in something great. We provide the opportunity to be part of a great team - praised on our team spirit by many. It's a great social opportunity too with regular, themed socials every two weeks, some of which are paired with other teams. We train twice a week at the Hild Bede racecourse and Maiden Castle along with the new opportunity to participate in a weekly pilates session to keep up fitness and participate in something fun. We have matches at least once a week which usually fall on the weekend. We also have the brand new, exciting opportunity of having a coach this season who will help with training, fitness and deciding positions. Trials will take place the week after Fresher's week. This will be very relaxed and everyone who wants to play will be able to get on a team. Once a member of the Hild Bede Mooses you will have the opportunity to purchase brand new stash and kit. We hope and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the fresher's fair!


Men's Rugby

After a very competitive season last season Hild Bede Men's RFC are really looking to improve upon that foundation and build a side which can challenge for the cup this year. We usually train twice a week and weather permitting have a fixture most weekends. As well as this we try to put on regular socials as the key to a good rugby team is team building. Players interested in training seriously and helping to build a cup winning side and players more interested in the socials are both equally welcome


Women's Rugby

Women’s rugby- scary, huge girls and lots of pain and violence? How how about a fun, no-pressure small team of girls who started playing rugby at uni and have never looked back! If you're looking for a way to keep fit, make friends and find sport (don’t worry, we weren’t sporty people either) then Hild RFC is the place for you. This year Hild RFC are offering training twice a week, a weekly Pilates session, gym advice and Saturday matches. We love beginners, so don’t be shy, give it a TRY! 
Social media: Give our new Facebook page a like for updates (Hild RFC) and Instagram @hildrfc!



Hild Bede Netball club is one of the largest and most successful clubs in the college with all 5 teams performing well in the season and our first team coming in the top 4 of the first division. We are a welcoming and friendly club with players ranging in ability from experienced to “I last played in year 4!” so don’t be shy to give it ago. The club is a great way to meet new people and take a break from your work (or lack of work) as well as keeping fit. We train once a week with a match on the weekend. We have great regular themed socials such as “Ou Est Le Poulette” and the classic tied socials where you will be literally tied to a person from a different club. Our socials take place 3/4 times per term and we will end the first term with a Christmas dinner. Trials will be held the week after freshers and everyone will be allocated to a team. We hope and look forward to seeing you at the fresher’s fair!



Hild Bede is one of the only colleges represented in the basketball leagues by an A and a B team, catering for those of all ability. Both Men’s and Women’s teams train together at our college’s very own basketball court, Bede Gym, and anyone who wishes to have a casual scrimmage can play atHild Bede’s outdoor court. Matches for every team are Weekly. 
This year, Hild Bede Men’s Basketball A Team were the undisputed champions of college basketball, winning both the league and the knockout tournament. The women’s basketball team also came top of their league. This led to the mixed team being selected to represent Durham in the Varsity tournament against York, where they defeated the York side with a buzzer beater.


Boat Club

Hild Bede Boat Club is one of the largest clubs in Hild Bede, and the most successful college boat club Durham has to offer. HBBC offers the opportunity for people to row at all levels from complete novice to competitive rowing on a national stage, providing a great alternative to the demands of University level rowing. Last year we had an intake of over 90 people who had never had the opportunity to get into a boat before, they then had the experience of being coached by the senior members of the club and were given the chance to progress at the level they desired. 
HBBC offers all commitment levels, from more casual opportunities to row, just once or twice a week, right up to the top senior crews who undertake water or land training every day. These sessions, both novice and senior, can be fitted around studies and other clubs and societies, so that training times are suitable for each member of the crew. For those that choose to row competitively, there are races throughout the year, from local college events, to national events such as BUCS Regatta, The Head of the River Race, Henley Women’s and Henley Royal Regatta. 
The club has whole boat club socials every 2-3 weeks, in addition to squad socials. The highlight of the year is the Boat Club Ball that takes place midway through the epiphany term. 
Social media: All major news and events are posted on the Hild Bede Boat Club Facebook page, @HildBedeRowing twitter account, or the @hildbedeboatclub Instagram.



Hild Bede Badminton is a mixed and diverse club with levels ranging from absolute beginners and purely social members to having teams in all the top divisions. We pride ourselves in our highly active social side with a couple of socials each term plus our legendary tour, which last year took us to the sunny climes of Portugal. Badminton wise we have 2 Men's teams, 2 Mixed teams and 2 Women's teams as well as weekly practices for all members that run throughout the year. We have had a really successful last few years with the club winning the Team Durham award for best college society of the year across the whole university. So feel free come along and get involved as much as you decide. YEAH HILD BEDE. 
Social media: Follow our instagram to find out more about what we  @yeahildbede!


Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the most enjoyable, fast-paced sports that is on offer for colleges. We look forward to welcoming lots of new members to the side for this year; no experience is required to join, and with weekly training sessions and matches, beginners will be quickly up to speed with the rest of the team. We will also put on regular socials to help gel the squad together, and hopefully build on the successes of the past seasons. 
Social media: For more information, follow @hildbedeultimate on Instagram.



HBC is one of Hild Bede’s most successful and tightest-knit societies. If you’re not already keen purely because you want one of our coveted cheer kits, then maybe you’ll be tempted by our themed socials, post-exam Ibiza tour and plenty of fun practice sessions which we hold twice a week: on Wednesdays from 4-6 and Sundays from 6-7. Cheerleading is a sport which involves stunting (throwing people into the air!), tumbling, dance and jumps. Every year we perform a main routine and up to 2 stunt routines at the Inter-collegiate competition and everyone is welcome to help us defeat the competition. We are looking to recruit boys and girls and no experience is necessary whatsoever! 
Social media: Follow our Instagram @hildbedecheer



Hild Bede Squash Club is a competitive and friendly environment to get involved in squash, regardless of your level. We have 3 teams (2 Men's and 1 Women's) in the intercollegiate leagues, which sees players compete at a high level nearly every week of both Michaelmas and Epiphany term, with a college cup competition running throughout Easter Term. We hold at least one training session a week, and with our proximity to the Racecourse Squash Club as well as our own college squash court we can hold intra-collegiate games, both for fun and as part of training! If you’re keen to get involved in squash on a university level, HBSC is a great stepping stone as we have a number of players who represent the university amongst our ranks. That, coupled with an ex-President of the DUSC being a Hild-Beder, creates the perfect environment to use college squash as a platform to play at an even higher level.



What's not to love about playing rounders and enjoying picnics on Summer afternoons post exams! During the summer term there are weekly trainings and matches. No previous experience required! 
Social media: Give the society Facebook page a like for updates at Hild Bede Rounders. Look forward to seeing you in the summer!



Hild Bede Tennis Club is enjoyed by many to play competitively against other colleges in the college league in the Summer Term and is a great release from exam stress! We have our own courts at Hild Bede so even if you’re not playing competitively you are more than welcome to use the courts if they’re free. 
Social media: Join the Hild Bede Tennis group on Facebook for information on how you can play competitively in Summer.


Hild Bede Cricket Club offers cricket throughout the academic year. We currently have 2 teams entered in the 6-a-side indoor league during the Epiphany Term, as well as 2 teams in the outdoor T20 league during the Easter Term, both of which are in the Premiership. We also offer nets sessions throughout the year. We have plenty of cricket to offer so we are looking for keen players who want to help us challenge at the top of the division as well as more social members. 
few socials and there’ll be a Facebook group in the first few weeks, so everyone can get to know each other. See you all there!

Mixed Lacrosse

Hild Bede Mixed Lax is a very relaxed and fun club for everyone of all abilities usually consisting of 2 teams. With a huge mix of abilities from DU lax players to hungover freshers you can’t not have laugh on the pitch so come and try it out! We are one of the most chill clubs in Hild Bede (and still have quality stash)! Training will be minimal, and matches are most weekends.

Table Tennis

Hild Bede's Table Tennis Club is a thriving club with a strong core team that after months of arduous weekly matches managed to secure 2nd place in the second division at the end of last season. Training takes place once a week and is a great way to get to know the rest of the Hild Bede table tennis family whilst heckling our main rivals, the not so serious table counterpart that is Hild Bede table football. If you want to play table tennis in a friendly and competitive environment whilst having fun with a good bunch of people, then we look forward to welcoming you to the family. Hild Bede's Table Tennis Club is a thriving club with a strong core team that after months of arduous weekly matches managed to secure 2nd place in the second division at the end of last season. Training takes place once a week and is a great way to get to know the rest of the Hild Bede table tennis family whilst heckling our main rivals, the not so serious table counterpart that is Hild Bede table football. If you want to play table tennis in a friendly and competitive environment whilst having fun with a good bunch of people, then we look forward to welcoming you to the family.


Hild Bede Volleyball is a small yet very enthusiastic team and are looking for new players! We are open to everyone: from people with previous experience to beginners who simply want to pick up a new skill. We train every Sunday 9-11am or 11-1pm at Maiden castle. As we are a fairly young society which only started gaining popularity last year we currently have one mixed team. College matches start with the beginning of second term which leaves us with plenty of time to practice and get to know each other.


Hild Bede has 5 pool teams that compete against the other colleges in 3 competitive leagues plus at least 1 team that will be in the friendly ladder, everybody is welcome to join no matter what skill level they possess. Trials will be held the first weekend into term to assign you into a team and a second trial by invitation will take place to decide our A and B teams. Our A and B team play in premiership on Wednesday nights, C and D team play in division 1 on Sunday nights, our E team plays in division 2 on Tuesdays nights. The pool tables in the Vern (our bar) are open for everybody in the college to use at any time that no league matches are on.


The club is committed to being as inclusive as possible and is open to any and all levels of ability/experience. The club will lead runs over a range of different routes and distances throughout the week, allowing you to choose the time/run that suits you best. Join us in the college league ParkRuns or join our Strava Club!

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