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We have a range of different Societies in Hild Bede all run by and for students! Here are some of the ones you can get involved with.


Join Hild Bede poker to enjoy some light recreational gambling on a Sunday night in the Vern. We Texas Hold’em each week with standings recorded in a league table and at the end of the year top 8 on the table will compete in a final table for a bigger pot. Everybody is welcome to join, and the game is easy to pick up for novices.

Christian Union

Hild Bede Christian Union is a society committed to encouraging and equipping Christians in college for evangelism, as well as providing a place for fellowship to grow. We usually meet weekly on a Friday where we share quality snacks, read the bible together, and sometimes dabble in a group game. HBCU welcomes people from all backgrounds to come along and ask questions. Our termly socials are a great place to do this -we’ll go out for a meal and engage in warm-hearted banter. 
The best way to start getting involved if you think you might get involved with HBCU is to sign up for the Christian Union Freshers Getaway, which is a weekend away for incoming freshers before first term with the Durham Inter-Collegiate Christian Union. See you there! 
Social media: To find out more about the Freshaway and to find out more about what we do, like our Facebook page (Hild Bede Christian Union) as well as following our Instagram @hildbede_cu. Feel free to message our page(s) with any thoughts or questions you have before coming up to Durham!

Chapel Choir

Hild Bede Chapel Choir are an enthusiastic group of singers who sing weekly services to a consistently high standard. We have been on tour in famous venues both in Britain and Europe, and are known to be one of the friendliest choirs in Durham. Auditions will be held in fresher’s week and the following week. We look forward to seeing you!


Hild Bede’s LGBT+ Association is a college group which promotes awareness of LGBT+ issues, organizes LGBT+ themed events and provides welfare for members of the college. We are an association open to anyone and are proud to boast of an exec made up of people from across the sexuality spectrum. We host socials each term such as LGBT+ themed nights at the Vern! We also host our annual AGM in spring term where most exec positions are elected. Additionally, we will also be having an election held in first term for fresher’s rep, open to all new college freshers. 
Social media: To get involved and follow our events, like our Facebook page Hild Bede LGBT+

Hild Bede Theatre

Hild Bede Theatre is Durham's largest and most successful college theatre society. We produce five shows a year including our musical which has won best musical at the D'Oscars for the past 10 years. We were named best society last year for our creative and high quality productions. Enjoyment remains at the forefront of the HBT experience and we pride ourselves in combining great shows with a whole lot of silly fun. So whether you're into performing, directing, backstage work or just love theatre - HBT has it all! 
Social Media: Like our Facebook page to stay updated (Hild Bede Theatre)

Bede Film Soc

Bede Film Soc are Durham's largest film society and student-run cinema showing new releases each week with 1 or 2 different films. We're open to any student from any college and welcome thousands each year to Caedmon Hall. Come down to our free showing on Sunday the 7th of October to see what we're about. 
Social media: Our Facebook page (Bede Film Society) will have updates of what films we are showing each week, give it a like to stay updated

Flat Earth Society

We're a group of students who are displeased with the lack of sick pay and good coffee provided by our reptilian overlords, we're talking to HR about it but it might take a while. Conspiracy talks and socials in Durham/Newcastle. Cycling sunglasses provided, free thinking encouraged, no spherecucks, no tropical house. (Space isn't real, the earth may also not be real, Theresa May is definitely not real) 
Social media: The Facebook page Hild Bede Flat Earth Society


Dodgeball society meets together regularly to play games in teams, they often play in one of the gyms on the college site.

Hild Bede Big Feed

Hild Bede Big Feed is the UKs only university-level competitive eating society. The society aims to stage competitive eating events at least once a term.

Hild Bede Food Society

Hild Bede Food Society is a great place for those who enjoy food, conversation, and conversations about food. Every few weeks, we meet up, everyone bringing some food, and we review that food in our big review book. Trying new things is always encouraged, all with the aim of broadening our horizons and exciting our tastebuds.

Yoga Society

Yoga society runs sessions to benefit both mental wellbeing and physical health. Yoga is a practice that helps the mind to relax, enables students to better deal with academic stress and the pressures of day-to-day life. Yoga is also a brilliant form of exercise, as different types of yoga practice will centre on different skills such as balance, flexibility, strength, mobility, and endurance. We host two sessions a week on Hild Bede grounds; beginners are welcome! The chill and non-competitive atmosphere of our sessions is great for relaxing and making friends.

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